It's said that more than 50% of small businesses fail and that 9 out of 10 DIY websites never launch. 

We will make sure you're one of the success stories.

We specialize in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs of all types to solidify their brands and business strategy, and bring those brands to life with beautiful, functional, easy to maintain websites built on the SquareSpace platform. 

Brand Identity
Website Design
Business Coaching and Strategy

BRAND Strategy

Successful businesses have strong brands that stand out, have meaning, and tell stories. Whether you already have a brand that needs refined and strengthened or you're just starting out with an idea, we can help. Our unique methodology takes you through brand creation exercises, one-on-one conversations, and multiple iterations of the brand's comprehensive art direction until you feel fully satisfied that we've captured your idea. We can also help you liase with printers, developers, and suppliers to ensure your art direction is applied correctly to any medium you use in your business. 


Currently, we design exclusively on SquareSpace because of its overall ease of use and ever-growing catalog of beautiful, functional, SEO and mobile-friendly templates. Our goal is to create a home for your brand online that brings the art direction and "story" of the business to life. Whether you want to DIY the website with assistance from our team, have us build and maintain the entire site for you, or anything in between, we are here to help. If your business utilizes MINDBODY Online, we highly recommend using HealCode's integrations on your site. 


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges that come along with starting, maintaining, and growing a small business. Our founder Lindsay is a serial entrepreneur who works with individuals and small businesses on:
     - Idea Generation & Design Thinking
     - Writing Business Plans
     - Legal Structure & Business Formation
     - Prioritized Strategic Planning
     - Organizational Structure
     - Mindset and Stress Management
     - Creative Growth Paths
     - Anticipating and Overcoming Obstacles

We're here to ignite your growth! 

We believe in you and care about your business

We offer a free consultation and invest several hours into researching your business, industry, customers, and competition before we ever send a quote for our customized services package. This way we can be as accurate as possible and you know what to expect.

We offer affordable payment options

We've worked with single entrepreneurs on startup budgets to larger companies with six figure marketing budgets, so we are well versed in and committed to finding a payment model that works for you. 

We're responsive and human 

It may sound silly, but many of us have experienced the unknown abyss of "customer service". We're based in Colorado, and endeavor to respond to all inquires within 48 hours. We address 100% of critical website support needs within 24 hours, and often within 12. All brand development, website planning, and coaching converstations are conducted over telephone or Skype whenever possible to ensure smooth communication, and we're always just a phone call or email away!

We know the (health & fitness) industry

While we work with entrepreneuers and small businesses in dozens of industries, we specialize in health & fitness, especially businesses using MINDBODY Online. Our founder Lindsay Roselle created and built an extremely successful boutique yoga & fitness studio in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2012, which has generated multiple six figures of annual revenue since it opened. She's an expert in how to brand, build, and grow a health & fitness business, as well as how to balance doing that with having other businesses, a personal life, and a manageable level of stress. 

We want Your online presence to be seamless and easy for you

That's why we design on SquareSpace, and encourage you to integrate your MINDBODY Online application with the tools from Healcode (see below). We're also big fans of MailChimp for email automation, as it integrates smoothly with both SquareSpace and Healcode. Not familiar with any of these platforms yet? No problem, we'll teach you! 

Ready to get started?

Scroll back up and get started with one of our forms, or if you don't know what your business needs, contact us and we can schedule a complimentary 30 minute brand review.